As any Mastiff owner will tell you, this breed is not for everybody.

They can be stubborn, difficult to train, intimidating, and are large dogs that require a lot of space to play around in.

If you live in an apartment or small house that does not have enough room for your Mastiff to have his energy out, then he will begin acting out on the home environment. This means chewing on things he should not chew on or tearing up pillows on the couch when he has had enough attention for one day.

Mastiffs need a lot of company, so if someone is gone to work all day then we advise you get a smaller dog.

The best environment for a Mastiff is one where he has plenty of room to roam, plenty of people to give him attention, and obedience training so that his stubborn nature does not become an issue. If you can provide these things, then congratulations, you have what it takes to be a Mastiff owner!

If you live in a small house or apartment, there is a good chance you cannot provide all the things your Mastiff needs to be happy. What can you do?

The best possible option for a close to nature environment for a Mastiff would be an outdoor stone patio. In this article, thanks to Gerald Dwyer at DC Masonry Pros, we will discuss what makes stone the perfect material for stone patios, where to find it, how much stone is needed for your outdoor stone patio, and some tips on installing stone that is perfect for your Mastiff

1. Stone Patio Perfection

Stone is the perfect material for stone patios because it resists erosion well (meaning that not much upkeep will be required) and stone holds heat very well meaning that once your Mastiff has had his energy out on the stone patio he can relax on the cool stone in the summertime.

Additionally, stone patios look great! There are many different types of stone to choose from so you can find one that suits your home and personality.

2. Where to Find Stone for Your Patio

Stone can be found in stone yards, stone salvages, stone quarries, and stone veneer businesses.

– Stone Salvage Yards: These are businesses that sell stone leftovers from stone companies or stone quarries. For example if a stone company is laying stone for a new road they may have some leftover stone which the stone salvage yard will sell to you for much cheaper!

– Stone Yards: These are stone yards where stone is sold to stone companies, stone suppliers, and the public.

– Stone Quarries: This is a place in which stone has been mined from the ground to be used in stone business transactions. If you live in an area with stone quarries it may be worth your time to visit and see if they offer stone patio installation services.

– Stone Veneer Businesses: These are businesses that specialize in selling stone veneer which is a thin layer of stone that is applied to things such as houses, stone patios, or stone fireplaces. Stone veneer is a great option for stone patio installation because stone veneer is easier to work with as it does not require as much stone as stone patio installation since stone veneer is a thin layer of stone and stone patios are thick slabs of stone. Stone veneer businesses may offer stone patio installation services if they have the proper tools for stone installations.